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        Fluorite comes in basically every color, although pure Fluorite is colorless. The color variations are caused by various impurities, which can be removed by heating. Fluorite very often occurs in unflawed crystals in beautiful colors, but its softness prevents it from being a gemstone. Fluorite is a very popular mineral among collectors.
        Fluorite Power Beads considered to be the powerful mental healers. Power Beads increase abilities of concentration and decision-making, enhancing creativity, curing mental disorders, easing meditation and freeing one from bad habits. 
Different colors of Fluorite Power Beads, according to healers, have different mental healing specialties. Green - energy for mind and spirit; Yellow - Comprehension, Communication; White - Spirit; Blue  - Inner peace; Purple - Focus. Fluorite Power Beads are great to shield off stress and negativity. Wear these Power Beads Bracelet or necklace with Rose Quartz to attract healthy relationships or with amethyst to keep you at peace during the day.
Please note that ALL our Power Beads are Genuine, because ONLY Genuine  Power Beads bracelets and necklaces  possess the "power" to heal you emotionally, physically, and spiritually !

fluorite power beads bracelet

Oval Fluorite Bead Strand

12 mm Carved Fluorite Floral Bead Strand

          If you are interested in the custom designed power beads bracelet or necklace, please feel free to Email Us All of our power beads are genuine semi-precious stones, and can be arranged with Sterling Silver/ 14KT gold graduated beads and spacers for additional brilliance. You may also add a Sterling Silver/ 14KT gold fish catch. Please visit our Custom Designs Page for more ideas.
          If you have questions about a specific product please Email Us. We will respond with pricing, ideas and suggestions within 2-3 business days. To place an order, please use our Order Form

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